Joymii Simona in Warm, Hot, She and Deep Inside Hardcore

Joymii Simona in Warm, Hot, She and Deep Inside Hardcore 1

Welcome to Simona on her bed. Top off, and definitely in the mood for touching and play. She elegantly takes off her skirt. In the orange light her body takes on a radiant glow. She lays down on her back, legs wonderfully open and begins touching herself. Her head tilts back in pleasure and her breath deepens. She opens herself up nicely and becomes consumed by this experience. Her body seems to change color a bit – to take on an even more radiant hue as she really gets going. She changes positions to better reach herself. Simona is completely engulfed by the experience she’s giving herself on the bed. Pure ecstasy and joy is with her.

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We’re so glad to be able to present, for our latest couples video, the always sexy, slender and sensuous Simona and her boyfriend James. When she saw Miela’s video with her boyfriend she clalled us to do one too – and we loved the idea! She wastes no time getting down to business – by going down on him – but in no time at all, she mounts and begins riding him. It was so hot and exiting (honestly, some of of the crew had to leave for a bit). Pretty soon, they are pleasing each other 69 style, but before too long she is back to riding him… even harder this time.

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