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    Alice Shea Sheer Look

    Stunning blonde Alice Shea wears sheer, sexy lingerie with black stockings and high heels, her sultry smile promising erotic delights to come. Her see-through panties do little to conceal her shaved pussy, but she takes them off anyway, plunging her fingers between her plump lips to test the wetness within. Squeezing her beautiful breasts and […]

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    Old Man Wins The Gianna Dior Auction

    Gianna Dior is auctioned off to the highest bidder and trained to be the perfect slut. Gianna is tied up and waiting for her stud wearing black lace lingerie with matching stockings and high heels. Jules pans the camera around to show that Steve Holmes was the highest bidder as he makes his way over […]

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    Sojie On Satin

    Gorgeous brunette Sojie wears a lace bra that struggles to contain her big beautiful breasts. The voluptuous Italian babe peels off her sexy lingerie, then reclines on her bed invitingly, wearing nothing but black stockings and an enticing smile. She tries on a different pair, the pink lace tops framing her shaved pussy and curvy […]

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    Alina Lopez Gets Her Tight Pussy Fine Tuned For A Band Audition

    Alina Lopez arrives to audition for the band and is looking for the lead guitarist. He left his instruments for his assistant to clean and tune while he was out. Alina likes the way that the assistant is striking her cords and wants to see how he can fine tune her pussy! She gets her […]

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    Hitting All The Right Spots On Michele James Pussy!

    Michele James loves a man that knows how to work his hands but really loves when he can work that tongue all over her pussy and clit! She can only take so much until she is on her knees sucking his cock and making those beautiful large natural tits bounce as she bobs her head […]

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    Evelyn Claire Fucked in Stockings

    Thoughts racing as Jay and Evelyn stare at each other in the hallway. Sexual tension stretched to its breaking point, each daring the other to make the first move. As one, they come together, their desire boiling over into passion.

  • wicked pictures lena anderson in nylon 10

    Wicked Pictures Lena Anderson in Nylon

    Fantasies of sexually-charged fashion and elegance almost inevitably conjure visions of stockings and high heels. Legendary director Axel Braun once again frames those fantasies, with his impeccable eye for detail in a sexy, classy, and deliciously titillating movie Random Wicked Pictures Video Sample!