Sexy Tattooed Amateur Black Haired Babe – Aries Model

Sexy Tattooed Amateur Black Haired Babe - Aries Model 1

My name is Aries and I am 19 years old! I have never done any nude modeling prior to this so I am definitely considered a 100% real amateur girl! It was a very interesting experience shooting for the True Amateur Models website. I had a lot of fun and I’m also looking forward to shooting again! I came into contact with the photographer when I was at the store shopping for Christmas gifts. This guy walked over towards me and he just basically started talking to me about the clothing in the store. At first, I was like …what the fuck? However, he seemed nice, so I continued to engage in the conversation with him.

After about 15 minutes, he started talking to me about modeling and about how I should get involved in modeling shoots …but then he started talking to me about his NUDE modeling website! I thought that it was interesting that this guy specialized in shooting nude amateur models, but I had no idea that I would ever be involved in a nude modeling photo shoot myself! I actually wasn’t sure what to say at first when he asked me to become one of his models, but I wasn’t really that interested, mainly because I would not want anyone from my job to find the pictures on the internet!

That was be HIGHLY embarrassing! I am a sales cashier and I would never want my fellow employees, or my manger to stumble across these nude pictures of me! So yeah, I just wasn’t quite sure if this whole nude modeling thing would be a good idea or not. However, I continued to think about it …and the more I thought about doing it, the more exciting and thrilling the whole idea seemed to be to me! I took a couple of days to really think about it before actually participating in the modeling shoot, but I am glad that I did some modeling shoots for the website and I really enjoyed how my pictures turned out!

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