Category: Sexy Pattycake

Everyone loves their own kinks and when you find a girl like Sexy PattyCake you will understand what it is to have a kink. This is a whole category dedicated to this girl who for a very short time became a star in her own right. She is a flamboyant girl next door, a nerd of sorts who is always pushing the limits of her sexy performances. Once you see her pictorials you will understand why this girl got her own category. She is playful, sexy, has big boobs and above all, she is not shy to go hardcore when needed.

This redhead is the master of cosplay. When you take a look at her whole category you will see that in each of them she is wearing a different theme outfit. It is obvious that she is catering to the tastes of the “nerds” and these geeks are responding with a warm reaction to her shows. Sexy PattyCake also has a tight ass, legs that are short, but strong and her boobs are too damn succulent. it is very hard to resist her charms and she is doing everything the PC way. When you are a cosplay sex freak, details are what counts.

With Sexy PattyCake her pictorials are done in the best way possible. She exactly knows how to position herself for the camera, what face to make, what vibe she wants to have and above all, she knows how to show it all without showing a god damn thing! This is the magic that she brings to the table and if you are a fan of “girls next door”, babes who seem as if you can get them, Sexy PattyCake is your main chick. Check out the whole category and enjoy the show that Sexy PattyCake has in store for you.