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  • lexi lore needs stepdaddys nectar 4

    Lexi Lore Needs Stepdaddy’s Nectar

    Super slut sexy adult school girl Lexi stomps her way home from school, dragging her stuffed animal along as her skirt barely conceals her ass. When she gets home, she is punished by her mother. No more cell phone! In a huff, she exclaims “I’m going to die alone and a virgin!” Her mom won’t […]

  • Slutty Schoolgirl Needs A Ride

    Slutty Schoolgirl Paisley Porter Needs A Ride

    Paisley is the school slut and while hitch-hiking home she gets picked up by one of her class mates’ boyfriends. After inviting him in for a cold drink she entices him with selfie pics to make his girlfriend jealous. It turns out to be the perfect strategy…