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There is something so damn sexy about those teen boobies that are so milky and smooth, smelling like fresh peaches, looking to get some attention, any attention at all. Sure enough, when you check out the FTV Girls category, the girls there will get all the attention that they can get from men who are fans of teen erotic art. The page and the whole category for that matter is a safe haven for all of you who are fans of teenage girls, looking to get naughty any way that they can. Lesbianism, solo masturbation sessions, those are all acts these nubiles are drawn to. Check them out.

Once you land on the page, FTV girls will welcome you wholeheartedly and will show you what erotic art is all about. Plenty of pictorials and photo sessions have been turned sexual and erotic thanks to all these teen princesses who have bodies that turn men on and make them go wild with lust. The pictures are all done by professional photographers, and they can all be grabbed to your HD. Their innocent looks will draw you in even more just because they are oozing with that mix of angelic beauty and devilish naughtiness.

From all kinds of softcore pics to some of the more hardcore scenes, FTV Girls will not leave you indifferent. The way that these pictorials are made are certain to stir some emotions in you and from the previous experience that we have seen, you will keep coming back just to see who is the next primo model and what does FTV Girls have in store for you next. Enjoy the pictorials in this category and remember that erotic art is more than just naked teen posing, showing off their dripping wet bald pussies.


  • ftvgirlsdanawolf

    Ftv Girls Dana Wolf Sultry & Sexy

    Formerly a fashion model, now doing adult, this was her first time doing a solo shoot — and she loves to masturbate! She’s not shy about showing off her figure, and with that pride she parades around a tourist area in a sexy pink dress and heels. Super tall, she poses for the photographer, then […]

  • Ftv Girls Ashley As New as She Gets

    Ftv Girls Ashley As New as She Gets

    Recently turned 18, she’s a tall and gorgeous full-figured blonde who has never shot any adult before, and is super shy in the beginning, wearing a casual outfit directly from Oklahoma. She introduces herself at a pretty resort, and teases us her firm, full figure, before settling down to rub her pretty privates. Back home, […]

  • Ftv Girls Carmen Cali

    Ftv Girls Carmen & Cali

    These two sexy, sexual and intimate besties finally get together for more than friendship, and experience each other for the first time! Teenage experimentation and horny need for sex transcends their relationships with males, and they explore each other on camera. Dressing up in their sexiest wear, they visit a resort and get really kinky […]

  • Ftv Girls Audrey Love of Orgasms

    Ftv Girls Audrey Love of Orgasms

    Recently turned 18, she’s a supercute petite ex-cheerleader that is experiencing an adult shoot for the first time, but she definitely isn’t shy! We first see her in cute short shorts and skimpy top at a park, showing off her acrobatic skills, and teasing us when she’s only in her panties running about! She does […]

  • Ftv Girls Skye in Canadian Blonde

    Ftv Girls Skye in Canadian Blonde

    She’s a supercute glamour model visiting from Canada, wanting to start a career in porn working in the US — and what a tight little body she’s got! We first meet her at a sassy mall, where we see her wearing a cute white summer dress and wedges as she introduces herself. All sorts of […]

  • Ftv Girls Hannah Hawthorne A Beautiful Discovery

    Ftv Girls Hannah Hawthorne A Beautiful Discovery

    Nearly 6 months later, Angelina comes back for another adventure shoot, because she has been so popular among the fans, they wanted her back as soon as possible! She remains beautiful and athletic, with a lot of enthusiasm to shoot for FTV again. We first see her at a college town, in a skimpy seethrough […]

  • Ftv Girls Mackenzie First Time in Florida

    Ftv Girls Mackenzie First Time in Florida

    We’re introduced to lovely slender dark-haired teen Mackenzie as she walks up in a cute blue dress and chunky heels, enjoying the Florida breeze among the palm trees. We’re treated to some naughty upskirt peeks as she flashes her red paties out in public, spreading those long smooth legs and flashing her pretty privates as […]

  • Ftv Girls Vera in Pearly Blonde

    Ftv Girls Vera in Pearly Blonde

    This pale-skinned beauty is a bit timid at first, getting warmed up for the camera, but once she gets her hands on a vibrator, she’s screaming hard to many orgasms! We meet her at a popular tourist destination, watching her parade around in a sexy miniskirt and heels, getting upskirt and butt views… Then she […]

  • Ftv Girls Cali in Carmens Busty Friend

    Ftv Girls Cali in Carmen’s Busty Friend

    A professional water polo player and swimmer, this super fit & athletic 18 year old is also blessed with the perfect big naturals! Her superfirm, round D cups are amazing to see; and we’re happy that she came with Carmen (her best friend) to shoot for us. Its her very first adult shoot, but is […]

  • Ftv Girls Gabbie Carter Gifted Big Naturals

    Ftv Girls Gabbie Carter Gifted Big Naturals

    Recently turned 18, she’s always wanted to show off her perfect body, and this is her absolute first time getting to do that on camera — for her very first porn shoot! She is beautiful, with big green eyes, but its her breasts that are absolutely stunning! Some is gifted with a pair of the […]

  • Giselle Horny Rich Beauty

    Ftv Girls Gselle Horny Rich Beauty

    You’d never think a girl like this would be shooting adult; she’s got super wealthy parents, and already into her graduate education. But she has a kinky side to her, and she really wanted to try adult, doing FTV as her first and only shoot — all at her parent’s super fancy place! We first […]

  • ftvgirlsallie

    Allie is a Spunky Little Teen

    We have this totally cute, petite, blue-eyed teen with such a gorgeous mix to her — and gifted with a very sexual, exhibitionist nature! We first meet her at a popular part, seeing her in a pretty pink summer dress and white panties underneath… She introduces herself, with that cute voice of hers, and teases […]