FallinLovia Eva Lovia in Rendezvous

FallinLovia Eva Lovia in Rendezvous 5

Here we go, I am always very awkward at these things but for a chance to never have to answer all these questions again lets do this. I got into porn because I always had a desire to be wanted and lusted after, and I’m sure my Daddy issues also played a role in the decision, thanks dad! On a serious note there is a satisfaction I get from being on camera and getting to explore my sexuality and my boundaries in a safe and controlled environment. While I was in school I was a girl-girl performer and also bar-tended it was a great way to travel and feed my alter ego for a few years. I graduated with my BA in Psychology.

Eventually I was ready to make the switch to boy-girl, I felt I had hit the ceiling for what I could accomplish as a girl-girl only performer especially with me living on the east coast and not having an agent. Reality Kings bought my first 5 scenes and shortly after I was contracted to Digital Playground for just shy of two years. My boy girl career went from 0 to 100 real quick. I am finally a free agent now and am very excited to start shooting content for other companies as well as well as overloading my site with tons of boy girl content and hot chicks. I have been shooting porn for about 4 years now, I have a couple of restaurants as well as an app under development. I hate the what will you do after porn question that sounds so sad, I plan to keep doing what I love and what makes me happy until it doesn’t, that goes for porn, restaurants, whatever it may be.

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