Elsa Jean & Naomi Swann A Sexy Feet Date Night

elsa jean naomi swann a sexy feet date night 3

I met Logan on a dating app. After a few texts back and forth we set up a date to meet in Hollywood at a nice lounge. We were very attracted to each other from first sight, that’s for sure. We sat down at a quiet table and ordered some drinks. I was wearing a short sexy dress with sexy gold high heels that made my feet and toes look delicious. Logan noticed them almost right away and, being as excited as I was, I started to play footsie with him. He liked it very much and constantly complimented my beautiful red pedicure. That’s when I knew that he has a foot fetish; just like me. I got so horny because I love when a guy knows how to properly lick and suck my beautiful feet. A couple tables down was a hot blond girl sitting by herself and vigorously texting. She had beautiful long legs and very sexy feet in stunning black open toe high heels. Suddenly she picked up her phone and started arguing; presumably with her boyfriend who just delivered the bad news that he’s canceling on their date. She hung up on him and ordered a drink. In the meantime, my feet were already in Logan’s lap, getting a seductive foot massage. He then made a bold move by passionately kissing and licking my pretty toes and arched soles.

My panties became soaking wet. When I glanced at the sexy blond next to us, I noticed she was watching us. Logan just kept worshiping my gorgeous feet like she wasn’t even there. The way she looked at us made the already exciting situation even hotter. After watching us for a few minutes she stood up and sat right next to us so she can have a great view of the show. It was so hot being watched shamelessly like that by a sexy stranger. She started touching herself and when I gave her the go she lifted my leg and started sucking on my toes. My juicy pussy was soaking wet and all I wanted was to get fucked by these two. They were both sucking on my toes and licking my soles at the same time while making out with each other with my feet in their mouths. Then she took out his big hard cock and put my slutty feet on it to give him a sexy footjob. As I was giving him a sensually sexy footjob, the hot blond started to suck his cock while licking my toes. He fucked us both really good while we were eating each other’s pussy and playing with each other’s feet. After numerous double footjobs and riding his cock with my soles up, he busted his thick warm load all over our sexy feet. His cum on our feet looked so hot as it dripped down from our sexy toes. Wasn’t bad for a first date. I’ll keep both of them on a rotation for sure.

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