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  • 1.BadoinkVR Penis Game

    Jill Kassidy & Kiara Cole in The Penis Game

    A lot of your female friends say that real life is nothing like the movies. “No, girls don’t just sit in their bedrooms comparing underwear and getting frisky.” Pfft. Well, we beg to differ. As an RA, you like to run a tight ship. And when you respond to a noise complaint of two girls […]

  • 22.BadoinkVR Swipe and Pipe

    Kenzie Madison Swipe and Pipe

    You’re always a little apprehensive to use those dating apps, aren’t you? Those dates usually end up awkward, expensive, and fruitless. But when you saw Kenzie’s profile, you decided to shoot her a message. Today you’ve met her at a local cafe. She seems interested in you from the get-go, and within minutes is flashing […]

  • jill kassidy alone for thanksgiving 9

    Jill Kassidy Alone for Thanksgiving

    You and your stepsister, Jill are getting ready for your parents to come home for Thanksgiving. Bad news, though. A storm system has moved into the Northeast. Their flight has been delayed, and they won’t make it back for Dinner. Looks like it’s just you and Jill. Is it even worth making a full Thanksgiving […]

  • adriana chechik the skinematographer

    Adriana Chechik The Skinematographer

    As one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious filmmaker, you’re in high demand. Adriana Chechik has commissioned you to create a classy solo VR film for her fans. The price is right and you’ve always dreamed of working with this absolute legend. Unfortunately, they don’t call it Hell-A for nothing, the traffic in the valley has […]

  • angela white and gabbie carter keeping promises 6

    Angela White and Gabbie Carter Keeping Promises

    Last time you were with Angela she brought up some of your previous escapades, specifically referring to a spicy ménage à trois. After registering your interest in a threesome, Ms. White got straight to work. This is a girl who always makes good on her promises. Today, she’s in another set of super sexy lingerie, […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Tenants Agreement

    BadoinkVr Bailey Brooke in Tenant’s Agreement

    You moved to LA to live the American dream. You want it all: fame, money, work, and of course pussy. You got a good deal on a room in a house with just about the sexiest landlady imaginable, Bailey Brooke. Due to Bailey’s distinct lack of spatial awareness, you’ve managed to overhear her on the […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Master Waiter

    Badoinkvr Jynx Maze in Master Waiter

    You moved to LA from the countryside just 6 weeks ago and you’re already the head waiter and one of the best restaurants in the area. Jynx Maze has just sat down at a table for one and she’s in the market for a special meal, and we aren’t talking about the chef’s famous prawn […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Wake Up Call

    Badoinkvr Veronica Clark in Wake up Call

    Sundays are typically a day of rest, but today, you’ve got obligations. When your girl Veronika wakes you up, you suddenly remember that you promised to take her out for brunch today. Overpriced mimosas and guacamole on toast don’t sound as good now that you’re half asleep. Veronika knows how to stir you though. She’s […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Pool Cues

    BadoinkVr Alina Lopez in Pool Cues

    When you invited Alina to your pool party, you never mentioned that it would just be the two of you. As she rocks up to your backyard, she sees you laying out by the pool, stark naked and sporting a semi and she quickly picks up your erotic cue and realizes that no one else […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Training Hard

    BadoinkVr Haley Reed Training Hard

    You’ve been training for your first triathlon for a couple of weeks, but you’re starting to think that you should get a different personal trainer. Haley is good at her job, sure, but that body of hers is just too damn distracting and it’s difficult to complete a workout when you’re fully torqued the whole […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Preflight Checklist

    Badoink Vr Blair Williams in Preflight Checklist

    Your son has a peculiar job. As a reputable male escort, he services the wealthiest women in all of LA. You see his beautiful clients filing in and out of the house on a daily basis. Today, Blair Williams is in your living room, waiting for him, but after a miscommunication, it turns out that […]