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  • 1.BadoinkVR Pool Cues

    BadoinkVr Alina Lopez in Pool Cues

    When you invited Alina to your pool party, you never mentioned that it would just be the two of you. As she rocks up to your backyard, she sees you laying out by the pool, stark naked and sporting a semi and she quickly picks up your erotic cue and realizes that no one else […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Training Hard

    BadoinkVr Haley Reed Training Hard

    You’ve been training for your first triathlon for a couple of weeks, but you’re starting to think that you should get a different personal trainer. Haley is good at her job, sure, but that body of hers is just too damn distracting and it’s difficult to complete a workout when you’re fully torqued the whole […]

  • 1.BadoinkVR Preflight Checklist

    Badoink Vr Blair Williams in Preflight Checklist

    Your son has a peculiar job. As a reputable male escort, he services the wealthiest women in all of LA. You see his beautiful clients filing in and out of the house on a daily basis. Today, Blair Williams is in your living room, waiting for him, but after a miscommunication, it turns out that […]

  • BadoinkVr Spa Day with Sophia Leone 2

    BadoinkVr Spa Day with Sophia Leone

    In a shocking turn of events, recent scientific and cosmetic studies have confirmed that semen is, in fact, the best facial skin care product. Being the young entrepreneur that you are, you saw the gap in the market and set up the world’s first semen spa and let me tell ya, business is booming. You’ve […]

  • BadoinkVr Teacher's Wet Susy Gala 1

    BadoinkVr Teacher’s Wet Susy Gala

    You’ve been taking Spanish classes for some time now, but you can’t seem to wrap your head around the vocabulary. It might be easier if your teacher, Señorita Gala wasn’t so goddamn hot. She always struts into class with her tiny pencil skirts and low-cut tops and you’re a real sucker for a nice pair […]

  • BadoinkVr Adriana Chechik in Cock-Tail 1

    BadoinkVr Adriana Chechik in Cock-Tail

    It’s been a while since the last time you hooked up with the sexy bartender, Adriana Chechik and lately dat ass has been on your mind. A surprise visit to her bar sparks up an old flame to the point where she can’t keep her hands off of you. Lay back and watch as this […]

  • BadoinkVr Haley Reed in The Firing Line 1

    BadoinkVr Haley Reed in The Firing Line

    Your family friend Haley Reed pulled some strings for you to get this job, but you weren’t built for the nine to five. You spend most of the day sharing cat memes on Facebook, chiefing joints in the parking lot, and jerking off at your desk, but your poor performance is starting to get Haley […]

  • BadoinkVr The Stephanie West GFE 1

    BadoinkVr The Stephanie West GFE

    Your girlfriend just left you and you’re feeling pretty low. Not only did she cheat on you with your best friend, she also took the dog, Bark Twain with her. She knew you loved that dog. Thank God you’ve got friends like Stephanie West.. Steph has noticed the huge pile of Kleenex on your bed […]

  • BadoinkVr Alex Grey Light My Fire 1

    BadoinkVr Alex Grey Light My Fire

    It’s the dead of winter and the power has been out since last night. It’s too cold to go anywhere else and the fireplace is barely keeping you and Alex Grey warm, but she’s got an idea to keep you both warm and entertained. The petite blonde slut begins playing with herself right on top […]

  • BadoinkVr Melissa Moore is Today's Special 1

    BadoinkVr Melissa Moore is Today’s Special

    You’ve never been a big fan of the menu at this restaurant but you don’t come here for the food, do you? You show up to see the hostess with the mostess, Melissa Moore. Today you’re ordering off the menu. The special of the day is a sloppy blowjob entrée, followed by a generous main […]

  • BadoinkVr Hooky Nooky with Violet Starr 1

    BadoinkVr Hooky Nooky with Violet Starr

    Violett Starr has been sending you a cornucopia of nudes over the past couple weeks. She’s also been making shameless advances towards you every chance she gets. When she texted you, “skp skool?” this morning, you decide it’d be a good idea to take a leaf out of Ferris Bueller’s book and take a minute […]