Amateur Petite Teen Blonde Chick Spreading Tiny Ass – Alice W. Model

Amateur Petite Teen Blonde Chick Spreading Tiny Ass - Alice W. Model 14

My name is Alice W. and I like to play baseball on the weekends over at the park with my friends. We were playing one of our games last weekend and after we all finished playing, we just kinda hung around being bored with not much to do. Eventually, everyone started going home and I had to wait for my ride to come pick me up. I noticed a missed call in my cell phone logs and the message was from my friend, saying that she was running late, and that it would take her almost 3 hours to get there! She was at some stupid meeting at work so there was no way she could leave.

Ray and I actually met each other a couple of weeks earlier (at the same park during one of my games) and we talked for a while, but very briefly. He did talk with me about the modeling, but at the time, I really wasn’t sure about doing it so he gave me his phone number and told me to call him if I ever became interested. So, I thought to myself – I wonder if Ray would come and pick me up if I tell him that I will do the nude modeling? I thought that Ray was a pretty nice guy but I really didn’t have much interest in taking my clothes off on the internet so I never called him before. But maybe we could make a deal! I really didn’t feel like waiting around for 3 long hours for my friend to arrive! I called Ray to ask for the ride and he totally agreed to the deal! And as you can see, I made good on my end of the deal

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