True Amateur Models Cute Amateur Blonde Megan Model

True Amateur Models Cute Amateur Blonde Megan Model 1

My name is Megan and I am 18 years old. I have no experience in nude modeling, so I am just a real and very amateur girl! Ray told me that those are the only types of girls that he shoots for the website anyways, so that’s all good with me! At first, when he told me that he was a photographer, I thought that I would need to have a lot of experience in modeling! But I guess not! As you can all see, there is a hotel room background in the photos. The reason for that is because Ray met me at the hotel and this was the room where I am staying! He drove over to the hotel to meet up with one of his friends and they both came down to the gift shop area.

I was working out at the hotel gym and really wanted a drink before heading upstairs. While I was paying for my soda, I noticed that there were some interesting items for sale in the store, so I bought my soda and walked around a bit. Ray started talking to me about some of the items in the gift store and no later than 5 minutes, he was talking to me about his website! I suppose he came across the right girl because I am actually very open minded and I have no problem with nudity either. It was a bit awkward bringing a man up to my hotel room without knowing anything about him, but when I looked at his website, I felt a lot better about doing a nude modeling shoot. Thank you for the shoot Ray and call me when you want to shoot again!

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