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  • Zishy Dahlia Polk Barnes And Nonos

    Dahlia Polk is back with a new hair color and newfound bravery. We bounced over to Barnes and Nobles and pretended to look at books. This is what people used to do before Amazon and the Internet. Now you can buy your misinformation from the comfort of your own home. Happy Valentine’s Day. Offer something […]

  • Zishy Pia Marzo Acts Naturally

    Josue makes his second contribution to Zishy with this gallery. He gets Pia Marzo to model in nothing but a Metallica t-shirt after her warm shower. Sometimes, I worry that we will never hear heavily-produced masterpieces like the Black album from upcoming artists. They probably lack the motivation and dedication in this new digital world. […]

  • Zishy Chloe Cherry At The Galleria

    Chloe Cherry pushes the limits in her adult performances. Her dreamy eyes and youthful looks struck me as a perfect fit for Zishy. We went over to the Galleria in Sherman Oaks and put on a show. It was only until the shots in front of the fountain that a security guard approached us and […]

  • Zishy Zuzanna Miros Perfect Circles

    Zuzanna was, at first, quite opposed to baring much for the camera. But if you make a person feel safe and beautiful, they just might lose sight of misguided cultural beliefs. Beliefs that are consistently embedded in us. Beliefs that mar our attitudes towards our bodies and sexualities in shame. Zuzanna was very generous on […]

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    Zishy Aurora Zvezda Public Upskirt

    Aurora Zvezda is Zishy: young, beautiful, not an ounce of shame. We invaded the new area that Google and other mega net corporations have developed for their office monkeys. The wetlands used to be there, but now there’s Whole Foods, which is way more useful. Anyways, Aurora and I found an abundance of backdrops to […]

  • Zishy Elsa Vernos by Ismael Desna

    I came across Ismael Desna on Instagram. He is a photographer from Spain. Ismael is passionate about creating provocative images of exceptional models. Naturally, that means we have a lot in common. He shared some shots of his beautiful friend, Elsa Vernos, and I was smitten. Sometimes, all you have to do is flip through […]

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    Zishy Lana Rhoades Before Modern Era

    This is Lana Rhoades before her recent ‘enhancements’. Thanks to modern science, she now has a much larger bubble goose and increased sweater size. I say do what you want. I say whatever floats your boat. I say there will be haters no matter what you do. But gosh, she was very damn impressive straight […]

  • Zishy Laina Shendoah Licks The Spoon

    I don’t know if we will ever see Laina Shendoah again, so savor these flavors. She is something special. Curious, adventurous, serious, but not stuck up. I hope her bright eyes continue to shine even when they are not looking into my lens. Behold the roller coaster that is Laina Shendoah, in all her female […]

  • Zishy Shelley Fox Proper Identification

    Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight? Neither have I, but some women will make me wonder if I sold my soul to the dark side and misplaced the memory of it. Or perhaps I have earned these experiences after all the shit I have had to wade through. When Shelley […]

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    Zishy Kelsey Berneray and Gigantic Brewing

    It was nice to get to Austin and work with Kelsey Berneray again. It might surprise you to know that she is often nervous in a public setting, and not even when she is in front of a camera. Some men do not particularly appreciate large breasts. There always seems to be an exception to […]

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    Zishy Winter Bliss Thanks The Stars

    Winter Bliss, anxious and beautiful. Staying warm on cold days, not thinking of you. From the infinite void she will pluck her next fire diamond.

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    Zishy Monica Horne To Catch A Sun Devil

    This visit to Arizona State University with Monica Horne made me reminiscent of my old college days. Even then, I was in constant wonder at all the beautiful women walking to and from class. One particular girl that I always crossed paths with after Econ 101 had me especially enthralled. Her smooth curves and flawless […]